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Power-OM services specification in progress

At the end of March 2013 Power-OM partners have produce a preliminary services specification.

This specification presents a set of services that aims to improve Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) processes with a fleet-wide approach. The objective of remote services is to formalized data consolidation and aggregation of a fleet of systems. This « data collection » will be further used in order to provide business-oriented (e.g. performance oriented, proactive maintenance…) health indices monitoring. This kind of approach allows gathering data or information related to all the fleet units on the same benchmark in order to bring out more pertinent results. This way, a fleet-wide approach enables users to retrieve for instance historic events occurred all over a fleet of units to compare potential similar events and investigate them in order to complete/extract valuable information in order to, for instance, help the resolution of an abnormal situation.

The preliminary set of inputs and outputs produced by each service was defined. The next steps undertaken by the partners consist in the refinement of the set of input data that will be available as well as the beginning of data collection in order to support the service development (starting from the algorithmic part), that will be the next step.

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