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FAGOR-ARTIS hardware interoperability ready

Main objectives of the Power-OM project are the inteligent predictive maintenance of machines through the health assesment based on a “fingerprint” of the principal components and the analysis of operating conditions that could lead to a failure.To achieve these objectives, the FAGOR CNC8070 together with AXD/SPD digital drives are very well suited, and all the internal data needed can be sampled at high rates.

To access the external signals, taken by the ARTIS GEM-OA devices, a real time bus is necessary. The communication between Fagor and Artis is done in CanOpen at cycle times between 4..12 milliseconds. Artis has developed the CanOpen slave protocol and data flows at the specified rates between the components. The information is exchanged in both directions and can be configured flexibly.

This communication framework establishes a good starting point to continue the collaboration between Fagor and Artis in the process monitoring area, where added value in the field can be integrated in Fagor CNCs.

The prototype is a result of R&D collaboration in Power-OM project and ARTIS product development is not yet decided.

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