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Power-OM represented in “FoF partnership Impact Workshop” hold in Brussels

Representatives of over 150 “Factories of the Futre” projects participated in this year’s FoF partnership Impact Workshop. Power-OM was there.

The purpouse of this year’s workshop was to enhance both the cooperation links between projects and clustering within the partnership. Projets were clustered under six themes based upon the FoF roadmap.

Power-OM projet was represented in the area of “Maintenance, Repair and Reuse”, under the theme of “Environmental sustainability”. Added to Power-OM, the clustered projects were: IMAIN, SUPREME, REBORN, WHITER, SELSUS, T-REX and EASE-R3.

From all the clustered projects, four of them (Power-OM, IMAIN, T-REX and EASE-R3) focus on maintenance and new services in machine-tool business.

The Europea Commision hosted this event hold on in Brussels, the 24-25th of March, 2014.