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Interoperability between the PowerOM platform and external platforms

One of the requirements of the PowerOM project is to develop and implement an integrated end user environment. Due to the data repository can be accessed from several interfaces; one of the steps to achieve this purpose is to deploy a cross-platform communication. Using web services allows getting a platform independent data exchange in real time. This standardized layer lets that any environment with a language that supports the web service can access its functionalities.

LTU has established a bidirectional communication channel using the advantages of the web services available in the eMaintenance platform. MATLAB has been used to implement this communication by means of a WSDL (XML-based format for describing web services) file. With this option, MATLAB creates a class allowing the end user to use the server API’s using a WSDL function.

There are several methods to retrieve data from the platform according to the type of information required, i.e. fingerprint data, operational data or KPI’s. There is an option to list all the fingerprints and variables (either operational data or KPI’s) available. In addition there have been developed more sophisticated searching methods allowing to browse through the list of variables and finding the results that match with an input argument, or including filtering according to arithmetic expressions involving several variables. In addition, there have been created methods for adding, editing or deleting variables.

This interoperability between the PowerOM platform and any external platform (proved with MATLAB) is already available and working.