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Power-OM results – Product Launch Seminar at ARTIS

Product Launch Seminar of FP7 Project Power-OM

Place: ARTIS GmbH, Buchenring 40, 21272 Egestorf, Germany

Date: Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The objective of the seminar was to share with industry vision, concepts, prototypes and potential products coming out from Power-OM. The seminar included demonstrations in ARTIS Lab. For more information about the seminar Download.

The seminar was attended by, among others, relevant end users from the automotive sector and OEMs as machine tool builders. The seminar was followed also by managers of MARPOSS R+D and its European distribution network.

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Download presentations:

Introduction of Power-OM

Genior Modular – basics features before Power-OM – ARTIS

KASEM – basic features before Power-OM – PREDICT

Genior Modular – Exploitable Results

KASEM – Exploitable Results

Monition – Services based on Power-OM