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Power-OM represented in “FoF partnership Impact Workshop 2015” hold in Brussels

The clusterisation of activities and results related to Factories of the Future (FoF) projects is a must in Europe. Having this in mind, Power-OM has participated in the FoF Impact Workshop hold in Brussels (29-30 April 2015) were global activities to enhance dissemination and exploitation of Power-OM and related projects were presented. Representatives of over 150 FoF projects were there.

Power-OM projet was represented in the area of “Maintenance, Repair and Reuse”, under the theme of “Environmental sustainability”. Added to Power-OM, the clustered projects were: IMAIN, SUPREME, REBORN, WHITER, SELSUS, T-REX and EASE-R3.

From all the clustered projects, four of them (Power-OM, IMAIN, T-REX and EASE-R3) focus on maintenance and new services in machine-tool business.

Among these collaboration activities, the specific cluster action Co-FACTOR is a key one. Co-FACTOR is clusterising six different running FoF projects: I-RAMP3, ReBorn, SelSus, T-REX, INTEFIX and Power-OM. The common ground is the development of ‘smart components in manufacturing’ that can be also linked to Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), as main technologies to support the smarter production systems.

For further information about CO-FACTOR http://www.cofactor-eu-project.org/