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Monition Limited

Monition Ltd. International (MNT) is an SME offering expertise in condition monitoring and plant reliability, principally in the fields of vibration monitoring, thermography, laser shaft alignment, electrical winding analysis and oil analysis/tribology. Over the last 10 years Monition have developed a number of services to deliver sustainable energy management program and assessment, these have been enhanced by web based assess for client to manage and understand process variables “real” time. Since being founded in 1988 Monition has become a leading supplier of risk based maintenance and inspection services and energy management, with particular emphasis on the provision of solutions to machine related problems.

Monition’s involvement within industry and focused improvement projects include initiatives to develop smart technologies in reliability focused monitoring which explore new ways to drive down the cost of maintenance practices so that more businesses will have access to improved maintenance and increased efficiency opportunities.

Monition is the UK’s leading independent supplier of Condition Monitoring Services and operates globally with activity in over 100 nations in across all continents.