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Industrial objectives

The aim for Power-OM is to use the energy consumption monitoring and profiling, in an easy to implement condition based maintenance (CbM) technique, and manage it as a mechanism to improve the overall business effectiveness, under a triple perspective:

  • Optimizing maintenance strategies based on the prediction of potential failures and guiding the planning of maintenance operations: to schedule maintenance operations in convenient periods and avoid unexpected equipment failures.
  • Operation: Managing the energy as a production resource and reduce its consumption.
  • Product reliability: Providing the machine tool builder with real data about the behaviour of the product and their critical components.

The main idea behind Power-OM is not to achieve the best CbM platform, is to get the most cost effective and easy to implement.


The specific industrial objectives are:

  • Avoid 75% of unexpected equipment failures in the case of spindles and linear guides. This can have an impact between 3-10% in production system availability depending of the production dependencies.
  • The application of the new maintenance strategy should not require extra costs. If some investment is required for the introduction of predictive maintenance technology this should be compensated by a reduction of the cost of planned or preventive maintenance.
  • Regarding the energy consumption, the objective is to reduce it in a 5%.
  • For product reliability, increase the MTBF 25% for spindles and linear guides. In the long term, this value should be higher considering the product innovation derived from the information received by the machine tool developer about the real behaviour of these components.