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Scientific and Technological objectives

To achieve the industrial objectives there are a number of technical objectives that should be addressed, that can be split in two areas: First, the local one, at the machine level, where proper CbM strategy should be implemented. Second, at the remote side where relevant information coming from the local level is received, and, where having the fleet-wide information, the decisions and support can greatly improved. There should be full interoperability between both levels, being the data generated locally managed remotely and the services provided remotely accessed locally.

The main S/T objectives are four:

  • To develop a method and data processing and analyzing mechanisms for early detection of faults in a production machine using current and voltage data.
  • Complement the power based predictions with the added value information that could come from the CNC and other sensors if there are present in the machine.
  • Set-up an eMaintenance platform to provide openness and connectivity towards the Power-OM components installed in each machine.
  • Develop added value services on top of the e-Maintenance platform.